Livindi for iPad Sensor Kit

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Livindi for iPad helps you stay connected, protects the seniors you care for and gives you peace of mind. It includes two door sensors, a panic button, an App for the senior’s iPad for simple video calling with closed captions and picture sharing, a free App for caregivers to receive alerts if the sensors or button detect an issue, and one month of free service. Continue the service for only $19/month.

Livindi for iPad is designed for use with the LivindiApp. It monitors a loved one’s motion, daily habits and if they enter or exit the home. Any deviations from a person’s routine are alerted to caregivers via the Livindi Helper App allowing for remote caregiving. The wearable alert button supports your loved one so they can push a button which immediately starts calling each of their caregivers until someone answers. The button also tracks movement as they walk around the home wearing it.

With the Livindi App caregivers receive alerts and can access analytics. They gain valuable peace of mind with instant reporting on their smart phone. Caregiver alerts notify if there are signs of issues and make it easy to check in with a video call if there are concerns.

Join with other helpers, siblings or friends – Join care circles in the Livindi Helper App with friends, family and other caregivers. Stay informed and share communication.

The Livindi sensors collect activity data 24/7 to provide the most accurate and granular understanding of a loved one’s daily life.

  1. VIRTUAL CARE: Real-time data on your loved ones activity and detection of potential falls. Deviations from a normal routine such as potential health, safety, and comfort issues are alerted directly to caregivers via the Livindi Helper App. Sensors can be placed in each room for comprehensive
  2. HELP BUTTON: Your loved one can push a wearable button which immediately starts calling each of their caregivers until someone answers. As your loved one walks around with the button, Livindi tracks the activity as well.
  3. COMMUNICATE: Your loved one can simply tap on a photo of one of the people on the iPad screen to start a video call. Video calls have closed-captions to help those with hearing issues. Video calls have closed-captions to help those with hearing issues. Post videos and photos from your iPhone directly to the iPad.
  4. SENSORS: Recognize movement associated with daily activities; automatic alerts are issued when Livindi’s artificial intelligence recognizes out of the ordinary movement patterns with 2 sensors that can be placed on the outside front door, living area, refrigerator, back door, bathroom door, and bedroom. Additional sensors can be easily added if
  5. IN-HOME SETUP: Setup is out of the box, easy and quick. Price includes 1-month of service, $19/month service fee after 1st month. Cancel anytime.
What's Included:
  • Livindi App on your existing iPad
  • Simple to use Tap-to-Call video calling
  • Closed captioning*
  • Automatic-Answer
  • Two Door Sensors are included to monitor the Front Door and Refrigerator (or other doors)
  • One Alert Button which calls all the Helpers and sends notifications
  • No contracts
  • Free 30-day trial
  • No cancellation Fees
  • U.S. based bi-Lingual customer service
  • 3 Concierge Check-ins per month
  • Notifications when Activity Level changes
  • Requires Livindi for iPad subscription

 * Closed captioning may be limited to 1 hour per month

Are you worried about mom or dad?

Help them stay safe and connected to family and care using video, activity sensors, remote health monitoring, call button, digital picture frame and an assigned concierge support person. HSA/FSA Eligible

Monitor their
well‐being even
when you can't be
there. Enhance
your peace of mind;
keep them safe
and independent


My passion, now that I have some time, is to share my “Livindi Experience” to help seniors and their families in my community “age in their homes”.  As I meet other seniors I can share my experience with them and their families to see if they would be interested in a great alternative to assisted living or nursing home or an actual caregiver.

Bev Cobb

Honestly, we love this product…you’re onto something! I find myself checking in with the app all the time.

Marcy W.