Livindi for iPad Monthly Service Subscription

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The subscription fee gives you access to all the Livindi Services using your own Apple iPad including:

  • COMMUNICATE EASILY: Your loved one can simply tap on a photo of one of the people on the iPad screen to start a video call. Conversations are automatically translated to text and video calls have closed captions to help those with hearing impairment. Includes one hour of closed captioning voice to text.
  • DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME: Post videos and photos from your iPhone directly to the iPad. Stay close even when you are not connected by displaying photos and videos from family and friends.
  • APP: Family members can download the app from the App Store or Google Play for direct access to all insights and data from your loved one’s Livindi profile.
  • MONITORING:  Livindi for iPad is designed for use with the LivindiApp.  With the Livindi App caregivers receive alerts and can access analytics. They gain valuable peace of mind with instant reporting on their smart phone. Caregiver alerts notify if there are signs of issues and make it easy to check in with a video call if there are concerns.
  • COLLABORATE:Join with other helpers, siblings or friends – Join care circles in the Livindi Helper App with friends, family and other caregivers. Stay informed and share communication.
Livindi for iPad Monthly Service Subscription