Livindi MultiSense Activity & Motion Sensor

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  • Livindi relies on sensors that collect live activity-tracking data in the home such as motion, refrigerator use, exiting and entering the home, temperature, light, color, humidity and pressure. Deviations from a person’s routine, such as potential health, safety and comfort issues are alerted to caregivers via the LivindiApp before they become problems or lead to physical danger.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING: Real-time data on your loved ones with motion and fall detection.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL TRACKING: Real-time monitoring of temperature, light, color, humidity, and pressure.
  • VIRTUAL CAREGIVING: Deviations from a normal routine such as potential health, safety, and comfort issues are alerted directly to caregivers via the LivindiApp.
  • WHOLE HOUSE MONITORING: Sensors can be placed in each room for comprehensive monitoring. Additional sensors can be easily added if needed.
  • IN-HOME SETUP: Setup is out of the box, easy and quick. The LivindiPad is sold separately.


Livindi MultiSense Activity & Motion Sensor

Monitor their
well‐being even
when you can't be
there. Enhance
your peace of mind;
keep them safe
and independent


My passion, now that I have some time, is to share my “Livindi Experience” to help seniors and their families in my community “age in their homes”.  As I meet other seniors I can share my experience with them and their families to see if they would be interested in a great alternative to assisted living or nursing home or an actual caregiver.

Beverly Cobb

Honestly, we love this product…you’re onto something! I find myself checking in with the app all the time.

Marcy W.