Livindi Digital Thermometer (soon)

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  • Medical thermometer, FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy and doctor recommended for all life stages, from baby to adult
  • Fast and reliable temperature readings in 1 second
  • Personalized guidance based on age, fever and symptoms
  • Teaches you how to feel better faster
  • Tracks your family’s health: temperatures, symptoms, medications, diagnoses
    Livindi Digital Thermometer

    Monitor their
    well‐being even
    when you can't be
    there. Enhance
    your peace of mind;
    keep them safe
    and independent


    My passion, now that I have some time, is to share my “Livindi Experience” to help seniors and their families in my community “age in their homes”.  As I meet other seniors I can share my experience with them and their families to see if they would be interested in a great alternative to assisted living or nursing home or an actual caregiver.

    Beverly Cobb

    Honestly, we love this product…you’re onto something! I find myself checking in with the app all the time.

    Marcy W.