Livindi Makes It Easy To Preserve Your Family's Legacy


Right now, there is probably an old picture album full of great memories sitting on one of your shelves. It’s fun to look at old albums full of pictures together with family, reminiscing about the small moments captured in time that are so important in preserving the family legacy. There’s something so special about watching the youngest members of the family listening to the senior members tell the story behind what was going on in a photo!

Sadly, today, most families can’t get together very often, and in the digital age, most of the family posts, sends or texts pictures and videos they want to share with each other. Unfortunately, senior relatives don’t always have the tools to see them easily so everyone is missing out!

The picture above is how some of my relatives shared their photos with each other and our older relatives before Livindi. Someone would have it and the idea would be to pass it on to the next person on the list. It did work but there were definitely some downsides; Pictures got lost or damaged. One comment was that an older relative kept her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary album for three years before it was passed on to the next person!

With Livindi, everyone in the family can instantly share pictures and videos to a senior’s tablet with the Helper App. What’s better is that it doesn’t matter who adds the picture, everyone with the app will be able to see the pictures too!

Watch the video to see how easily family and friends can share pictures and videos to their senior’s Livindi tablet (and each other!).

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