Communicate, Monitor and Care

Your Virtual Health Companion


See how Livindi supports healthcare consumer engagement for health plans and their members or providers and their patients to improve health outcomes, costs and customer service.

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Senior Living

Livindi improves a residents independence by incorporating smart home technology that reduces isolation, keep track of trends in health and quality of life, and medications.

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Home Health Care

Services that will engage patients and their ability to thrive with access to with better communications tools, more access to information, virtual visits, and closer, immediate connections to caregivers and providers.

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Cellular - $45 Subscription Fee

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Wifi - $19 Subscription Fee


I really enjoy Livindi because it allows me to keep my mother from feeling isolated.

Mary W.

Honestly, we love this product…you’re onto something! I find myself checking in with the app all the time.

Marcy W.

I love Livindi by the way, especially the ability to send pictures that automatically load into a slideshow for my Granny!

Dr. Alex S.

Livindi is a life changer! 

Liz S.

I appreciate the chats we’ve had about the product. I liked sending her photos over the iPad and being able to check on her activity. I did appreciate getting a notification that said "[She] has been active as usual today.