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Video calling, closed captions, auto answering and digital picture frame.

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Help button & sensors notify caregivers of problems & potential falls.

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On demand expert care and support when you need it most.

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Success with Livindi

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I really enjoy Livindi because it allows me to keep my mother from feeling isolated.

Mary W.

Honestly, we love this product…you’re onto something! I find myself checking in with the app all the time.

Marcy W.

I love Livindi by the way, especially the ability to send pictures that automatically load into a slideshow for my Granny!

Dr. Alex S.

Livindi is a life changer! 

Liz S.

I appreciate the chats we’ve had about the product. I liked sending her photos over the iPad and being able to check on her activity. I did appreciate getting a notification that said "[She] has been active as usual today.