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A tool for better and more responsive caregiving

Livindi offers additional years of independence to a family member who needs some help with living activities.

Caregiving Reinvented

The best care comes from shared responsibility for a family member. Livindi engages and supports caregivers' collaboration on decision making by offering them real data to develop and deliver appropriate plans of action. Caregiving and decision making doesn’t need to rely on one person anymore.

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Get the #1 Tool for Caregivers to Balance Work and Family Needs.

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Easy Setup.

Setup takes minutes and requires no technical skills

Stop the Effects of Isolation.

When Livindi was installed in people's homes the results were significant.

With Livindi®, users can easily access the help they need to live a safe, secure and stress-free life in their own home.

Stay Confident with the Most Advanced Intelligent Care Platform. With Unmatched Design and Personalized Technology this is the Next Level Experience You Have Been Waiting For.

  • The LivindiPad

    A 10-inch tablet with built-in Internet Connection that allows a person to tap on the picture of a family member or caregiver to start a video call. Family can also post videos and photos that appear automatically on the screen. Users can also simply tap a button to talk with the live concierge. The LivindiPad was designed for ease of use even by people ages 2 to 102. On days when families engage with the user via the LivindiPad, it has been proven to increase a person’s physical activity by 30%.

  • LivindiSense

    LivindiSense uses battery-operated sensors that capture information about what is going on in the home such as motion, refrigerator use, exiting and entering the home, temperature, humidity, whether the lights are on and barometric pressure. The information is used to determine if there are deviations in a person’s routine that may signal potential health, safety or comfort issues. 

    Caregivers are alerted so they can respond via the LivindiApp.

  • LivindiCare

    allows users to tap the screen and talk with a live concierge who can get transportation, groceries, housekeeping services or deliver prescriptions and meals to their home.


  • LivindiApp

    Caregivers download LivindiApp on their iPhone or Android phone.  It provides peace of mind and saves caregivers time when they cannot physically be with their loved one. It allows them to have video calls with the person being cared for, chat or video call with other caregivers and send pictures and videos to the LivindiPad.  It alerts caregivers to potential issues by identifying deviations from routine. Caregivers with the LivindiApp can also talk with the live concierge to get services from LivindiCare.

Caregiving Reinvented.

LivindiCare, LivindiPad, LivindiSense and the LivindiApp allows caregivers or users to engage with a concierge for assistance to solve life’s challenges, participate in a secure video-enabled telephone call over the cellular network, collect live activity-tracking data in the home about resident activities, to review detailed information from alerts they receive and learn more about household activities, chat with caregivers, send and receive pictures or videos and determine a plan of action.

LivindiPad, LivindiCare, LivindiApp and LivindiSense - $499 upfront and $39 per month
  • Safety & Service

    - Hires help on demand, 
    -Notifies of deviations from baseline,
    -Improves regularity with which a caregiver checks-in on a loved one
    -Provides timely assistance and assurance to people living at home or in need of memory care support
    -Manages the coordination of transportation to and from medical visits, appointments and home support.
    -Manages delivery of over the counter, listed products and prescription medications
    -Arranges delivered meals to make sure people are eating enough and getting the right nutrition

  • Communication & Connectivity

    -Share photos and videos
    -Answers audio or video-calling automatically Uses 24/7 top tier cellular network
    -Access Livindi and Caregiving Team instantly
    -Capable of Telehealth session Emergency Calling Voice Enabled

  • Monitoring

    Senses activities and living environment

    Establishes algorithms, updates and refines baseline activities.

    Tracks medication use
    Recognizes movement associated with active daily living

    Calls caregivers by pressing a wearable button

  • Ease of Use and Setup

    Setup in-home is out of the box, easy and quick

    Using software and tablet is easy with simple user interface

    Connecting to the Internet is simple

Livindi Features & Benefits

Tap & Talk

Simply tapping on a photo of one of the people on your screen starts a video call for social engagement.

Digital Photo Frame

Post videos and photos from your iPhone directly to the LivindiPad Families stay connected sharing life’s activities by displaying photos and videos. Connect with friends and family to enable emotional engagement.

Private Social Network

Engage family members to participate and coordinate care, respond to notifications and communicate with each other on a private secure network.

Android and IOS App

Free LivindiApp for an unlimited number of family members and caregivers to utilize to get connected and stay informed.Real-time anytime access to important information related to your loved one’s well-being. Peace of mind at the touch of your fingertip.

Large Android Tablet with Built-in Internet Connection

Large, easy to read 10-inch Tablet for seniors to video call 24/7 and see photos. No Wi-fi required; It comes connected to the Internet with LTE. Rechargeable battery with up to 24-hour battery life.

Help Button & Sensors

Users can push a wearable button which immediately starts calling each of the User’s caregivers until someone answers. Voice activated access to caregivers by saying the words “Livindi Help” anywhere within voice reach of the tablet.  Sensors recognize movement associated with daily activities; automatic alerts are issued when Livindi’s artificial intelligence identifies out of the ordinary movement patterns. Passive monitoring does not require wearable device

Happy Customers


“I really enjoy Livindi because it allows me to keep my mother engaged and it makes her feel less alone.”

“I love Livindi by the way, especially the ability to send pictures that automatically load into a slideshow for my Granny!”

“Honestly, we love this product…you’re onto something! I find myself checking in with the app all the time.”

I appreciate the chats we’ve had about the product. I liked sending her photos over the iPad and being able to check on her activity. I did appreciate getting a notification that said "[She] has been active as usual today."