1 in 5 of your employees are caregivers,
Their challenges impact your business...
And you can fix it
Negative Impact of Caregiving on your Employees

Quit or reduce their hours


Have reduced productivity and performance issues


Arrive late or leave early unexpectedly


Take unpaid leave


Experience detrimental changes to their employment


Have to quit their job

Offering Livindi as an Employee Benefit can
  • Reduce caregiving distractions
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Reduce costs
Reduce Caregiving Distractions
Help your team focus on their job.

Offload Caregiving Responsibilities

Livindi provides a dedicated care navigator to work with your employee and family.

Activity Monitoring

Knowing how their loved one is being monitored gives peace of mind.

Health Monitoring

Livindi monitors pulse, blood pressure, sleep, blood oxygen level, temperature, weight and more.

Increase Productivity and Performance
Help your team be their best.

Get Real-Time Status

Employees simply glance at their phone to see how their loved one is doing.

Artificial Intelligence that Cares

Livindi constantly analyzes sensor data to detect issues, so your employee doesn’t have to.

Virtual Check Ins

Employees don’t have to leave work and drive home to see how things are going.

For more information, call 877-LIV-INDI (877-548-4634) or use the form below.

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