Frequently Asked Questions

What is Livindi?

Livindi is a smart solution that uses technology and Livindi Concierge services to secure the ongoing comfort, health, and safety of your elderly loved ones while they live independently.

Livindi technology monitors conditions in the environment, identifies comfort or safety risks that may be present, and alerts caregivers to potential risks. Livindi facilitates the proper and necessary care for mom and dad when needed. Livindi also enables communication between caregivers, family, and loved ones to minimize the effects of isolation.

Livindi Sensors in the home observe, and feed data on a continuous basis through Livindi’s tabletop device. This information is then interpreted and a baseline level of activity is created for each specific household depending on individual habits. The information that Livindi gathers is then reported through the LivindiApp to a network of designated caregivers chosen and established by you.

When there a change in a household pattern or condition from baseline, Livindi automatically reports this change to your established network of caregivers. A deviation from baseline could be a signal for a potential a health or well-being challenge in your loved one’s home. Once an alert is received, the recipient can determine the appropriate response that is needed to ensure your loved one’s safety, well-being and comfort.

If you are unavailable to provide what your loved one needs, you or your loved one can use the table top device to contact to the Livindi call center for help. You can rely on Livindi for many different kinds of services, such as regular check-ins, emergency backup, or to additional care for any reason at any time.

The tabletop device also provides for videoconferencing, photo sharing, and video sharing through cellular connectivity with personally designated contacts. All of this occurs through one-finger screen-touch access 24 hours, seven days a week.

The need to make caregiving process easier is what inspired the development of Livindi. As one of the Founding Team members intimates, “We found that caring for our own grandparents as they became older was challenging given our busy work and family lives. We developed Livindi in order to better coordinate care and to ensure the safety and comfort of my grandparents as they aged in their own home.” With Livindi going live, it not only solved a fundamental problem of adequate care provision but ensured that aged parents and grandparents remain in their own home or in care centers happily through their final days. 

No. Livindi technology uses passive household sensors and the tabletop device to collect, interpret and transmit information from the source to the Livindi database for synthesis and analysis. Ideally, Livindi interprets the data from your home and communicates with your network of caregivers to alert them of changes in patterns which can be signs of potential distress or signal an emergency.

However, the Livindi package does include a wearable device that connects the user to a network of caregivers hence capable of alerting them, via videoconferencing capability, when signaled, in an emergency.

No. Livindi’s sensors passively monitor such things as movement, speed of movement, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, among others. Livindi software uses smart technology to interpret this information in real time all the time.

If you struggle with balancing your daily work and family responsibilities while simultaneously caring for a loved one or friend, then Livindi is your perfect solution. If your idea of security as a caregiver to an aged relative or friend is the ability to be in constant touch with the person remotely via a screen, then look no farther than Livindi. Livindi will ease your burden of caregiving and enable you as well as the care recipient to live in the comfort and happiness, independently yet connected round the clock.

The LivindiPad is a 10-inch tablet that allows a person to tap on a picture of their personal contact and participate in a secure video-enabled telephone call over the cellular network. Also, family and friends can instantly share photos and videos for the user to view anytime. The LivindiPad was designed for ease of use even by people with modestly diminished cognitive and physical limitations. On days when families engage with the user via the LivindiPad, it has been proven to increase a person’s physical activity by 30%. 

LivindiApp is the information center of the home. Caregivers use the LivindiApp to review detailed information regarding the alerts they receive to learn more about household activities, to chat with caregivers, to send and receive pictures or videos and draw up a plan of action.


It alerts caregivers to deviations in routine activities, hence a reliable tool for monitoring the safety and wellbeing of a loved one. It enables Caregivers to make on-the-spot decisions about the real-time needs of their loved ones.  LivindiApp you can prevent sickness, avoid safety issues or physical danger.  Caregivers can use the LivindiApp to identify vendor services needed to support activities of daily living. With Livindi®, users can easily access the help they need to live a safe, secure and stress-free life in their own home.

LivindiCare allows caregivers or users to engage with the Livindi concierge for assistance with such challenges as arranging services, organizing transportation, delivering groceries, housekeeping, prescription and meal delivery, among others. LivindiCare allows caregivers or users to engage the concierge personnel in real time for any form of assistance, especially on the different services mentioned earlier.

LivindiSense relies on Livindi sensors that collect live activity data in the home, on such aspects as motion, refrigerator use, exiting and entering the home, temperature, light, color, humidity and pressure, which are then sent to the Livindi database for synthesis and analysis. Deviations from a person’s routine that may signal potential health, safety and comfort issues are collected, interpreted, recorded and shared with caregivers via the LivindiApp so that caregivers can respond before they become problems or lead to physical danger.

While the LivindiPad is designed for use by individuals of all types and ages, its prime targets are the elderly who though still strong and full of energy to perform simple errands without aid, does need to be in touch with caregivers in case of an emergency. It is ideal for those who want to live independently in their own homes, and particularly to those who:

- Have little or no computer knowledge or experience
- Are resistant to technology use
- Have diminished hearing, sight, motor skills or cognition.

Where Can I Get Livindi?

Livindi is available to any household in the United States. It can be mailed to a street address or a post office box in any state, including Puerto Rico. 

Also, one can purchase Livindi online at or by calling us at 508-416-6030. 

For more information, please contact us at

- One 10" communications tabletop device, a power/charging cord and a tabletop stand.
- Three 2 x 2” in-home passive sensors (not sound, video or camera enabled) with 2 AA batteries that last up to two years.
- A Livindi wearable for emergencies and a lanyard. -
- Access to the Livindi App on as many smartphones or devices as you wish.
- One-touch and telephone access to the Livindi concierge through the tabletop device.
- Telehealth access for your physicians or specialists involved in your care.

- Reliable updates on a real-time basis of onsite activities through the LivindiApp.
- Automatic cell phone alerts of deviations in baseline household activities related to safety, comfort and well-being, all via the LivindiApp.
- On-the-spot videoconferencing with others using the Livindi platform.
- Access to the Livindi concierge.

Yes. Just call us at 508-416-6030 and we will arrange everything. Or just order it online!

How Do I Setup Livindi?

Simply download the app and stick the sensors on doors and walls.

Family members can send them via the free LivindiApp on their phones and tablets.

No it does not.  The LivindiPad comes with AT&T 4G LTE configured and ready to go. There is no setup or extra costs. Everything is included.

The LivindiPad battery will last between 1-3 days depending on how much it is used. With a standing request, LivindiCare can send you alerts vial email or call whenever the battery drops below 10%.

In the event that your device stops working, Livindi concierge will arrange to have a replacement device sent to you via overnight mail or if there is a Livindi representative in your local area, they will deliver it the same day.

Place the LivindiPad in the tabletop stand and simply plug it in to the charge cord that is provided.  It will charge automatically. It The charge cord can be removed from the device at any time, and it will stop charging when it is fully charged.

When Livindi is ordered, a Primary helper is setup so that they can add additional contacts or Helpers as we call them. It takes seconds to request a contact to participate as a Helper. Contacts you add automatically enable them to be able to be tapped by a picture for the LivindiPad user.

You can find information about the LivindiPad’s battery status at the bottom right of the screen, in the status area, next to the time.  You might also see an icon for a dead battery.

When you find the battery icons too vague, you can check the specific battery level by viewing the notification pop-up: At the Home screen, touch the time. You see the notifications displayed, but above that is the LivindiPad’s current status. Listed are the date, time, Wi-Fi or cellular data network, and the percentage of battery life remaining.

Another warning shows up when the battery level gets seriously low, but don’t wait. Either plug in the Tab or turn it off.

- When the battery level is too low, the LivindiPad shuts itself off.
- The best way to deal with low battery power is to connect the LivindiPad to a power source: Either plug it into a wall socket or connect it to a computer by using a USB cable. The LivindiPad begins charging itself immediately; plus, you can use the device while it’s charging.
- You don’t have to fully charge the LivindiPad to use it. When you have only 20 minutes to charge and you get only a 70 percent battery level.
- Battery percentage values are best-guess estimates. The LivindiPad has a hearty battery that can last for hours. But when the battery meter gets low, the battery drains faster.
- So, if you get 8 hours of use from the LivindiPad and the battery meter shows 20 percent left, those numbers don’t imply that 20 percent equals 2 more hours of use. In practice, the amount of time you have left is much less than that. As a rule, when the battery percentage value gets low, the battery appears to drain faster.

The go to person that coordinates the activities of the family, assigns responsibilities and approves requested services.

When Livindi is ordered, a Primary helper is designated by you so that additional contacts or helpers can be assigned within your personal network.

It takes seconds to request a contact to participate as a Helper. Contacts you add automatically enable them to be able to be tapped by a picture for the LivindiPad user.

The LivindiApp is free and is available in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

A simple search is all you need. 

Shipping policy

Livindi will make arrangements to accommodate any shipping request.

North America and Internationally.

Items are shipped within 2-3 days after receipt.

We have a thirty-day window from the day of purchase within which a client can return the product for any reason, provided it has not been damaged while in your possession.  

Simply pack up the product in a box and mail it back to us. Our concierge can help!