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What is Livindi?

Livindi is an online platform that ensures that individuals in need of care can effectively and efficiently access specialized caregiving services on-the-go, both remotely via calls and videos and in-person. The kind of caregiving support offered by Livindi targets those who desire to age-in-place, thanks to its pragmatic design aimed at extending the duration that one can live independently. Designed for individuals either living in their homes or in care facilities, Livindi ensures that you achieve your quest to remain independent and at the same time facilitate your frequent contact with others on a regular basis. An equally important aspect of Livindi is the fact that one can use it for backup care or emergency care. In either case, Livindi helps loved ones and their caregivers get in touch, stay in touch, and collaborate on care-related decisions for everyone’s benefit. As a revolutionary reinvention to the caregiving industry, Livindi has made the caregiving responsibility a lot easier and continues to enhance the aging person’s daily experience.


Livindi leverages the power of software and hardware technologies to offer a unique service that passively and unobtrusively monitors household activities in real-time. Livindi’s data analysts continuously interprets this data by filtering for such aspects as safety, health, comfort, and household conditions, among others, which are then shared with designated caregivers so that they can stay on top of what’s happening. In the event that a change in baseline activities is detected, Livindi provides an automatic alert to caregivers, an aspect that ensures the proactive management of the caregiving process from anywhere and at any time. Using Livindi, the people you appoint as the immediate contact persons will receive automatic alerts should there be a change in household activities that could lead to distress. Also, Livindi ensures that you can easily connect via video with your selected contact persons through its simple-to-use desktop touchscreen device 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Livindi users also have immediate one-touch access to backup care using Livindi’s call center to either arrange for needed services, regular check-ins, or direct care at any time of day or night. As such, using Livindi guarantees that you can share information and access higher quality and more efficient care anytime.

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