Livindi Enterprise Helps In-Home Care and Senior-Living Businesses
  • Mitigate Staffing Shortages
  • Differentiate From Competition
  • Improve Safety
  • Increase Revenue
  • Engage Customers
Increase Revenue and Differentiate
Expand your offerings and differentiate with new, virtual paid-services.

Virtual Wellness Checkins

Charge your clients a monthly subscription fee for you to virtually check in and see if they are ok.

Increase Paid Work

Customers simply tap the screen to ask for new requests, reducing friction and increasing income.

Expand Customer Base

Because the work is virtual, your Livindi customers can be serviced without typical 4-hour minimums.

Improve Safety

Activity Monitoring

Using sensors and Artificial Intelligence, Livindi notifies of changes in bathroom, eating, sleeping and overall activity.

Fall Detection & Call Button

Detect potential falls based on changes in behavior, press a button to call the care team.

Monitor Health Biometrics

Pulse, blood pressure, sleep, blood oxygen level, temperature, weight, respiration rate and HRV.

Engage Customers
Advanced communication, calendaring, notifications and video calling.

Automate Family Status Requests

Enable families to directly see in Livindi how their loved one is doing, without asking your busy staff.

Group Calendar, Messaging and Billboard

Communicate events, menus and more with group messaging and in-room billboard.

Closed Captions and Auto-Answer

Have hands-free video calls with clients. Use closed captions to help communicate.

Mitigate Staffing Shortages
Service more customers without requiring more headcount.

Maximize Efficiency

One employee can be responsible for checking in on hundreds of clients.

Virtual In-Between Visits

Efficient, paid-for support virtually in-between periodic physical visits.

Eliminate Driving Time

Virtual services can be done without hourly minimums and without commuting between clients.

Behavioral Health Therapy Covered by Medicare
Livindi Behavioral Health (LBH) is a unique service integrating technology with teletherapy, behavioral and physical health services. With LBH, your Residents will be safer, healthier and happier without additional effort from your busy staff.

24/7 Monitoring of Health, Safety and Social Needs
Without the costs of a 24 Hour Staff
Livindi Enterprise Portal
  • Dashboard summarizes alerts and who should be contacted for health, activity, medication adherence or other issues
  • Send group communications
  • Improve Safety
  • Centralized Calendar Management
  • Start a video call with the Client or their Family
Health Charts
  • Blood Pressure
  • Sleep Quantity & Quality
  • Blood Oxygen Level
  • Medication Adherence
  • Body Temperature
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Overall Activity
  • Bathroom Activity
  • Refrigerator Activity
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Weight
Advanced Communication Features
  • Integrated Video Call Center
  • Medication Reminders
  • Centralized Group Calendar Events
  • Group Messaging
  • Periodically Display Group Website / Advertising
  • Access to Custom Group Apps
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