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Drawing from their personal experiences with providing care to their elderly grandparents, the Livindi team identified a gap in technology usage in this field and sought to design an App and a platform that would allow their grandparents to maintain their independence, but without losing touch with family members and friends. They quickly figured out that such an arrangement would provide them and their family members ample peace of mind, in addition to enabling them share in their caregiving experiences together.

The turning point came when they realized that their grandparents required greater oversight to ensure their safety and comfort.  As such, they had to make tough decisions about whether their grandparents would be able to continue to live on their own. Through this dilemma, they discovered an unmet need not only for themselves, but within the larger society. In developing Livindi, their goal was to ensure that all family members maintain close connections with each other, an individual’s age notwithstanding. Livindi reflects just that: the team’s desire to develop a product that connects, simplifies, and creates a better experience for those who are aging in place and for anyone who may be caring for someone who requires greater oversight.

Inspired by a need to offer a lasting solution to the problems associated with caregiving, Livindi was founded and is operated by a team of software developers and engineers who are passionate about leveraging modern technology to improve, enhance and enrich the lives of everyday people.  

Using Livindi’s technology, families can communicate faster and more easily. Livindi thus makes the following initiatives possible:

  • Making video calls – essentially through which grandparents can stay connected with their children and grandchildren
  • Sharing of photos and videos with the parents or grandparents, especially of kids and grandkids
  • Communication between siblings, and coordination of the shared responsibilities
  • Enabling children to check in with parents unobtrusively
  • Guaranteed faster and easier access to healthcare professionals, and much, much more.