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Livindi founders Rick, Dave and Sebastian are brothers, friends and entrepreneurs who watched the challenges their grandparents and parents faced as they got older. They saw their parents suffer trying to balance the needs of their children, their jobs and caregiving responsibilities for their parents. As the founders got older, they also became caregivers and started Livindi to help people like themselves take care of their older family members.

Prior to Livindi, the founders had started, grown and sold a large, international technology firm. They developed patented software that helped run some of the largest companies in the world. They took the knowledge they learned from this experience to start Livindi. Livindi was designed to help seniors age in place with technology and services that allowed them to live as efficiently, comfortably and cost effectively as possible. They focused on not only the needs of the seniors, but also the needs of their families and their caregivers. In addition, for seniors who were already receiving care from a Home Care agency, or for seniors who resided in Senior Living Facilities, Livindi was designed to help those businesses make the lives of those seniors better.

Livindi provides a unique combination of simple-to-use communication, monitoring and care services to help caregivers take care of their loved ones. The team is constantly working to delight their customers and is fanatic about customer service and support.

If you are a caregiver worried about your parents, or your spouse, or you are a company with caregiver-employees, or a home-care agency or senior living facility, please call us and try Livindi. We have thousands of satisfied customers and we are sure it will help you, your loved one or your clients live better lives.