Livindi’s Video Calling System Is Designed Around A Senior’s Strengths

When Rick Watkins designed Livindi’s Video Calling system, he had his Grandparents in mind. He remembered some of the difficulties they had with their hearing, mobility, as well as grasping objects and opening jars. Research shows hand function decreases with age in both men and women, especially after the age of 65. Many “senior-friendly” devices ignore these common age-related physical issues.

Below are some ways Livindi has addressed these limitations and incorporated them into the design, helping seniors connect with friends and family,  understand verbal communication and continue to stay engaged, involved and know they are an important part of the family.

One Tap Videocalling. One movement most people tend not to lose is the ability to point or press with a finger. It is for this reason Rick simplified the way a senior starts a Videocall by pointing and pressing on a person’s picture. There are no phone numbers or passwords to remember. 

Picture and Video Sharing. Livindi makes it possible for everyone to share pictures and videos from their phone directly to their loved one's tablet instantly!

Auto Answering. We’ve all had experience of scrambling to answer a ringing phone rings only to miss the call because we just couldn’t get to the phone in time. Moving quickly for many seniors is hard and rushing to get to a phone can increase their risk of falling and injury. Livindi solves this problem because the tablet can be set to connect the call automatically after a number of rings. In addition, seniors have the option to have the call connect up as a normal videocall or just the audio.

Transcription and Closed Captioning. Livindi features transcription and closed-captioning in real time, allowing those with hearing loss to read along and keep up with the conversation as it’s happening. No more missed important information or little things like the punchline of a friend’s joke!

One in 3 adults over age 65 has hearing loss due to age, disease or heredity. Because the loss is gradual, most are not aware it’s happening. Oftentimes, it begins with affecting the ability to hear high-pitched noises such as a phone ringing or the beeping of a microwave. People with hearing loss might find it hard to have conversations with friends and family, trouble understanding a doctor’s instructions or respond to warnings, which can be dangerous. Sometimes family members even avoid calling the senior because they find it frustrating to shout into the phone or having to repeat themselves which can contribute to feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression.

Safe and Private Family Network. Only invited callers can reach your loved one (no scammers). Family Administrators invite helpers through the Livindi companion Helper App and the Helper adds their profile information and picture that shows on the senior's tablet automatically.

Tech Support. Livindi comes fully configured and ready to use. But if help is needed, our team is in house and available to help!

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