Livindi Home for Houses (WiFi/LTE)

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The Livindi Home Bundle Includes:

  • 10 Inch LivindiPad Tablet With High Resolution Display
  • Tablet Stand
  • USB Charger and Cable
  • Free Livindi Helper App for Friends and Family Members
  • Wearable Call Button
  • 1 Multi-sense sensor measuring motion as well as light, temperature, pressure and humidity
  • 1 Motion sensor 
  • 4 Door Sensors
  • If your family member has no Wifi or Wi/Fi that is unreliable, the Livindi Wifi/LTE (cellular) option is recommended

CALL BUTTON: Your loved one can push a button which sends an alert message and immediately starts calling each of their caregivers.

MOTION AND DOOR SENSORS: One motion sensor is placed on a wall in the main living area, one motion sensor in the bedroom and three door sensors are placed on the outside front door, the refrigerator, back door, and a bathroom door. The sensors recognize loved one’s typical movements associated with daily activities. Automatic alerts are issued to caregivers through the Helper App when Livindi’s artificial intelligence recognizes atypical patterns.

DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME: Post videos and photos from your iPhone directly to your LivindiPad Tablet. Family stays close even when they’re not there by displaying photos and videos from family and friends.

COMMUNICATE EASILY: Your loved one can simply tap on a photo of one of the people on the LivindiPad screen to start a video call. Receiving calls are easy with auto answer. Video calls have closed captions to help those with hearing issues.

PRIVATE NETWORK: The only people who can call your loved one and your loved one can call are the ones invited through the Helper App. 

Livindi Home Features and Services Include:

  • No Contracts. Cancel anytime with NO CANCELLATION Fees
  • EASY SETUP! Livindi arrives preconfigured and takes just minutes to set up
  • Closed Captions (1 hour per month. Additional time may be purchased)
  • 2 Concierge Calls Per Month
  • One-Tap Video Calling
  • Auto Answer
  • Picture and Video Sharing
  • Helper App requires a minimum of IOS 11 for iPhone users and version 4.4 or later for Android users
  • WiFi bundle is $449. Monthly subscription fee is $19.00 per month
  • WiFi/LTE (cellular) bundle is $599. Monthly subscription fee is $45.00/month. Ideal for areas with spotty or unreliable WiFi 

Should your loved one's needs change, Livindi grows with you. Other products to consider:

DEVICES THAT SUPPORT WELLNESS: (sold separately) Bed Monitor analyzes and reports sleep quality and wake-up status, scale to monitor weight and blood pressure cuff.

THERAPY: Depression in seniors is on the rise. Call us to learn more about how Livindi can be used for Medicare covered therapy services with our licensed therapists. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Livindi will make it easier to stay in my own home

      I would have been so relieved to have Livindi when I cared for my elderly mother. Now I am grateful that I can include Livindi in my plans for my future and stay in my own home. I will be able to get help for my needs and special assistance without disrupting my children’s lives.

      Steven Lake
      Happy to know my parents are ok

      This product is solid and impressive. I bought the large version for myself, mom, sister, and father in law that is 3000 miles away. It takes the worry away and my 92 year old Mom had no trouble using it. It was too difficult for her to use the phone. She has hearing problems and the transcription helps her better understand me when we talk on the video. Her vision isn’t great and is really bad with gadgets, but she loves using the tablet to talk with the family and get pictures. The larger screen was important and I used Wi-Fi and it was not difficult to connect.

      Video and sound quality are great. Sending my mom photos is easy because she gets to see fresh photos of the family. It’s perfect for everyone to stay in touch and better than face time. It was really helpful because with COVID no one can travel to see my mother anymore.
      Excellent motion and door sensors. We just stuck them to the walls, doors and refrigerator. I look in on Mom every day and check in on her when I see thing that are unusual like doors opening late at night or she is not drinking or eating.

      Thank you for Livindi.

      It has been a blessing to many many people who would otherwise have been more isolated this past year. I know my family uses it and loves it. It's so nice to be able to see my family member and post pictures to their tablet. Customer service is important to me. Rick, the owner, called me back right away to answer question about my mom's new tablet.

      I can help my sister take care of my parent.

      With Livindi, I can be an active participant in my mom's care so everything doesn't fall to my sister and she gets a break.

      The customer service is excellent!

      I don't always have a lot of time for a long conversation but I wonder how my LO is doing throughout the day. It's so great to be able to check the app and my LO's activity without having to call until I have time.