LivindiApp for iPhone and Android Phone

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  1. COMMUNICATE EASILY: Your loved one can simply tap on a photo of one of the people in the care circle or the family member to start a video call. Conversations are automatically translated to text and support over 35 languages. Making calls is easy with auto answer. Video calls have closed-captions to help those with hearing issues. Privately chat with family members.
  2. MEDICAL ALERT HEALTH BUTTON: Your loved one can push a wearable medical alert button which immediately starts calling each of their caregivers on the app until someone answers.
  3. CAREGIVER MOTION SENSORS: Recognize movement associated with daily activities; automatic alerts are issued when Livindi’s artificial intelligence recognizes out of the ordinary movement patterns with motion sensors that can be placed on the outside front door, living area, refrigerator, back door, bathroom door, and bedroom.  The motion sensors can be monitored through the app.
  4. DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME: Post videos and photos from your app directly to the LivindiPad. Stay close even when you are not connected by displaying photos and videos from family and friends.
LivindiApp for iPhone and Android Phone