Livindi Unleashes the Power of Biometrics to Improve and Enhance Healthcare

Healthcare Biometrics refers to the use of various biometric devices to manage the health and wellness of people. Smartwatches and sensors that track vitals such as sleep quality, pulse, oxygen levels as well as activity are just a few of the devices that doctors, other types of clinicians and families can use to help keep aging adults healthy and well.

Healthcare Biometrics Improves Safety and Enhances Care

The healthcare industry is experiencing a rise in both mental and physical illnesses and a shortage of specialists and clinicians to treat them. Increased burden on medical staff, longer wait times for help or treatment, inadequate mental health services and increased healthcare costs are just a few of the consequences. The use of biometric devices offers a winning solution that makes it easier for medical professionals to provide quality healthcare remotely and support patients and families caring for aging adults while still protecting sensitive health information and data.

How Livindi Uses Biometric Devices        

To ensure complete mental and physical care of a patient, Livindi provides mental health therapy services as well as monitoring of vitals with its biometric devices.

Instead of using traditional methods like taking someone’s temperature with a thermometer or checking their heart rate manually, special biometric devices that are worn or placed around the home, collect data about daily activities, sleep patterns, and physical health

Algorithms then measure and analyze specific traits and behaviors to determine what is typical for that person. By tracking these unique traits, biometrics can provide valuable insights into overall health and help to identify patterns. With the data, people are empowered to set wellness goals and make informed lifestyle and medical decisions.

Livindi sensors and devices are continuously gathering and analyzing data looking for issues before they become serios. The reports about the data can only be seen by the people who have been given permission, either through the app or on the Livindi Portal that would be monitored by a person’s doctor or clinician. If there are any changes to someone’s typical behavior patterns or a vital sign such as heart rate, for example, Livindi notifies everyone on their phone so they can check in from across the street, across the country or the other side of the world. Specific benefits for caregivers include:

Medical Professionals. With biometric devices providing real-time health data and insights, medical professionals can remotely monitor patients' well-being, allowing for early detection of potential health issues and timely intervention.

Family caregivers. Everyone gets the same health report so there is no need to rely on one person to update each member and important decisions about treatment can be collaborative and made quickly.

It's important to know biometric data is not like a picture of you doing something. Instead, the biometric system converts these unique characteristics into mathematical data, and that data is what is stored and analyzed.

A More Efficient Healthcare System

By utilizing biometric devices to monitor health and wellness, doctors, clinicians, and families can provide better support for aging adults and experience a smoother and less stressful healthcare journey. By streamlining data access and sharing among caregivers through platforms like Livindi, medical professionals can collaborate seamlessly, make informed decisions, and deliver more personalized and timely care to patients.

Laws to Protect Privacy

Livindi is committed to ensuring the security of the data it collects.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA, is one of several federal laws that set standards for the protection of individually identifiable health information. HIPAA requires healthcare providers, health plans, as well as their business associates, to safeguard and protect health data and ensure that individuals have control over their health information. It’s important that when patients and families choose to use products that collect their health information, they understand their rights under HIPAA and how to protect their privacy. Products and services provided by Livindi are HIPAA compliant.

Additional Reading

For more on ways you can protect your information, download our list of 10 Tips For Protecting Your Digital Data here. To learn more about Livindi, visit or call us at (508) 416-6030.