It’s Not Just About Making Buttons Bigger. Livindi Is The Easiest To Use Videocalling On The Planet!


We hear it all the time; families of an older adult want to check in with them over a videocall. Family members try to teach them to use some communication technology but find it “too hard” for them and say, “Mom/Dad had a hard time learning and remembering what to do. They got so frustrated, we gave up. I guess Seniors are just afraid to use technology”.

There is a shred of truth to that. According to a survey, older adults feel learning a new tech device is “more frightening than hearing a strange noise at night, going to the dentist and going to the doctor – combined” (source). But that’s not the whole story.

One issue was purpose. Seniors reported they would be more likely to learn new technology if they had saw the value (source). During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many seniors wanted to master the use of Videocalling technology because they could not visit family. Many seniors still gave up but purpose wasn’t the issue, it was that many popular “senior friendly” Videocalling technologies were simply not friendly. Setting up the product was hard to do alone. Starting a call had too many steps, passwords or numbers to remember. In addition, operating them did not address certain physical limitations commonly experienced by older adults such as arthritis, issues with mobility or difficulty hearing. The solution was not simply to make the buttons bigger.

The Livindi tablet arrives preconfigured. The senior simply plugs it in and it’s ready to use. There’s no training to use Livindi, the tablet is controlled and managed through the Livindi Helper App by  “Family Administrator(s)” and can be done remotely. The Administrator does not need to be in the same room as the senior to set up Livindi!

Video calls are started by tapping the picture of the person they want to call. There are no phone numbers to remember or pages to scroll through. Older adults, even those with arthritis, are able to tap a picture on the screen to videocall a loved one.

For a senior with mobility issues, running to answer a ringing phone increases their risk of falling. Livindi can be set to connect the call automatically so there’s no need for them to rush. If the senior isn’t home when the tablet is called, the caller is able to leave a video message!

Hearing loss is a common issue for many seniors and can make phone conversations very difficult. Important pieces of conversation can be missed not only making it hard to stay engaged but downright dangerous if medical instructions are misunderstood or missed altogether. Livindi Videocalling offers transcription and closed captions during the conversations so your senior won’t miss a word and families can keep the conversation going!

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