Livindi Is A Solution For Some Of The Most Common Caregiver Pain Points

Recently, an opinion piece was published in the Washington Post. The article details what caregivers go through as they care for their ailing parents, often with little emotional, physical or financial support from others. Click here to read the full article.

The Livindi Tablet And Sensor System was designed to alleviate some common caregiver pain points: The inability for distant relatives to help and large amounts of time added to an already busy family schedule spent driving over to check in on, shop for, or drive the senior to appointments, etc.

Livindi helps families solve some these healthcare related challenges, offering a simple, secure way for caregivers to check on seniors remotely 24/7 without having to take time from away from busy schedules. At the same time, the Livindi App is a sophisticated easy-to-use hub for families to connect and support each other and work together to monitor parents’ well-being and care services from anywhere.