Videocalling Benefits Brains And Relationships!

 By Sue Donahue

It’s a scary statistic. One in three seniors will die from Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia (source: American Alzheimer’s Association). Although age related forgetfulness is a common experience for seniors, not all memory loss is due to dementia. Other possible causes could be depression or even side effects from prescription medication. The bright side is, we have tech-enabled tools to use our fight against the progression of dementia and other conditions related to cognitive decline. Consider this,

“Older people who frequently use online communication such as video calls, alongside traditional social interactions in person or over the phone, showed less of a decline in the ability to recollect meaningful events and the impairment of which is a hallmark sign of major forms of dementia.” (source)

Livindi Videocalling enables seniors to easily communicate regularly with friends and family. These connections help nurture relationships while keeping them up to date with the latest family news.

Many seniors live with hearing loss, making it hard for them to follow phone conversations. With Livindi Closed Captions, your senior reads along with the conversation during the video call, making it easier for them to stay engaged and not miss important information. We found seniors were 25% more active on the days they interacted with others using Livindi!

Videocalling with Livindi is simple. There is no new technology for a senior to learn and no numbers or passwords to remember. Seniors start a call from their Livindi Tablet by tapping the picture of the person they want to call.

Videocalling with Livindi is safe and secure. Videocalls are not recorded and the tablet and features can all be managed through the Helper App. The only people your senior can videocall are the ones approved and invited by the Family Administrator.

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