Video Calling Makes It Easy For Siblings And Family Members To Help Care For Seniors

By Sue Donahue

It’s true that the responsibilities of caregiving often fall to one person. There are many reasons family members aren’t able to help: Lack of time, physical distance, childcare, even tricky relationships between members or parents are just some of the big reasons we’ve heard. A common complaint we hear from caregivers is they simply feel very alone.

Over time, the stress takes a terrible toll on their physical and mental health and can build resentment toward family at a time when they could and should be pulling together.

Helping even a little means a lot to Caregivers!

Many family members don’t realize a time commitment as a “Helper” doesn’t need to be long or difficult to make a difference!

The truth is, even a daily 10-15 minute video-call with a senior has positive effects on their emotional and physical health. For the primary caregiver, that 10-15 minutes you are talking to the senior has an even bigger impact, they could use the time to take a walk, have a snack or simply take a quiet moment with the relief knowing someone has their back!

Right about now, you may be thinking, “We tried video calling, but it was too hard for them to use". Tools and services like Livindi make it easy for everyone. 

With Livindi, family members use an app to make a videocall to tablet that is in your senior's home. There are no numbers or passwords to remember, videocalls are started by pressing a family member's picture, and offers transcription and closed captions, so anyone can read along with the conversation. Livindi is also a digital picture frame that continuously displays pictures and videos sent through the app by family members, helping everyone stay connected.