Livindi Bed Monitor

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Great sleep starts with an understanding of personal sleep behavior. Simply place the Livindi sleep monitor under the sheet. The ultra sensitive sensor tracks the Resident's/individual's heart and respiration rate, movements in and out of the bed and sleep quality. 

Livindi provides Caregivers with heart and respiration rate in real-time and a customized sleep quality analysis. The Livindi sleep monitor reports where the individual is in the sleep cycle: deep sleep, REM sleep or light sleep as well as wake-up status, the start/stop time and total time spent asleep.

In addition, the medical grade Heart Rate Variability (HRV)* report will help provide guidance through both physical and mental recovery.

Data is easily accessed by Caregivers through the Livindi Helper App and includes:

  • Notifications when a Resident/individual gets in and out of bed
  • Breathing Rate 
  • Heart Rate 
  • Sleep Quality Report
  • Sleep Analysis and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Report
Heart rate variability is the variance in time between the beats of your heart.

    Are you worried about mom or dad?

    Help them stay safe and connected to family and care using video, activity sensors, remote health monitoring, call button, digital picture frame and an assigned concierge support person. HSA/FSA Eligible

    Monitor their
    well‐being even
    when you can't be
    there. Enhance
    your peace of mind;
    keep them safe
    and independent


    My passion, now that I have some time, is to share my “Livindi Experience” to help seniors and their families in my community “age in their homes”.  As I meet other seniors I can share my experience with them and their families to see if they would be interested in a great alternative to assisted living or nursing home or an actual caregiver.

    Bev Cobb

    Honestly, we love this product…you’re onto something! I find myself checking in with the app all the time.

    Marcy W.