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So glad we got this for my Dad

Thank you. I have to tell you my dad called me 3 times with livindi after u set him up and I haven’t seen him smile so much as tonight since mom died 3 months ago. He kept saying this is amazing! When we were ending the call , I said ok I will talk to you tomorrow and he said oh no, I will see you tomorrow! I’m so glad we got this for him - we r hoping it alleviates his loneliness a little - my dad and mom were together 65 years!  So nice to see a smile - thank you again!

Livindi will make it easier to stay in my own home

I would have been so relieved to have Livindi when I cared for my elderly mother. Now I am grateful that I can include Livindi in my plans for my future and stay in my own home. I will be able to get help for my needs and special assistance without disrupting my children’s lives.

Happy to know my parents are ok

This product is solid and impressive. I bought the large version for myself, mom, sister, and father in law that is 3000 miles away. It takes the worry away and my 92 year old Mom had no trouble using it. It was too difficult for her to use the phone. She has hearing problems and the transcription helps her better understand me when we talk on the video. Her vision isn’t great and is really bad with gadgets, but she loves using the tablet to talk with the family and get pictures. The larger screen was important and I used Wi-Fi and it was not difficult to connect.

Video and sound quality are great. Sending my mom photos is easy because she gets to see fresh photos of the family. It’s perfect for everyone to stay in touch and better than face time. It was really helpful because with COVID no one can travel to see my mother anymore.
Excellent motion and door sensors. We just stuck them to the walls, doors and refrigerator. I look in on Mom every day and check in on her when I see thing that are unusual like doors opening late at night or she is not drinking or eating.

My mom likes the picture gallery the most.

I like being able to see when my mother has passed by the motion detector and when people have come in or out of a door - it has helped me identify an issue with movement through the house. My mom likes the picture gallery the most. The video calls are okay too. For me (child), being able to see doors opening and movement is good.


Video calls and communication.

Our loved-one is connected to the family on a daily basis.

Livindi is easy to use -gives us the ability to connect on-demand with our loved-one

Helpful navigating what Medicare can do

It was great being in contact with the same care provider at all times. She is very informative, caring and helpful.

Livindi is simple to use.

It's nice being able to see my loved one to check on her. She is also mentally challenged and is not computer literate at all so I appreciate how simple this is for her to use.

Auto call. Closed captioning. Video calls.

I am able to see my mother and talk to her easily.

Videocalling and Picture Frame

Recommend Livindi

Finding local contacts for services was very helpful.


Thank you for Livindi.

It has been a blessing to many many people who would otherwise have been more isolated this past year. I know my family uses it and loves it. It's so nice to be able to see my family member and post pictures to their tablet. Customer service is important to me. Rick, the owner, called me back right away to answer question about my mom's new tablet.

It's great to have knowledge of my parents' whereabouts!

Livindi is the best.

Livindi is the best. Talking to loved ones, I love the voice to text and the size of the screen.

24/7 access to activity.

I am able to tell if activities are normal such as a good night of sleep.

Videocalling and photo sharing.

Livindi has given our mom an easy social connection to her children

Satisfied Customer

Livindi is my main helper in caregiving.

Knowing the family member is going about their normal day gives me peace of mind. Livindi support has taken care of any issues I have had.

My LO enjoys videocalling us.

Recommend Livindi.

Very Good.

Digital Picture Frame.

Status Alerts, videocalling.